What difference can the driving instructor make?

Your driving instructor is your greatest ally in the battle against the nerve gremlin. Make no mistake about it; we know exactly what you are going through because we have not only seen it many times before, we have been there ourselves.

There are a number of factors in your favour when you attend your practical test appointment with an instructor.

1) Your instructor will not allow you to take your practical driving test unless they believe that you have an expectation of walking away with a driving licence. It is in their best interests and yours to do so.
2) You will have had to pass your instructors pre-test requirements before they will consider putting you forward for a driving test. Areas differ but in all areas your instructor will insist that you can perform all of the standard manoeuvres on the first attempt and that any ring roads or fast dual-carriageways that you have in the area are familiar ground to you and that you can perform the necessary procedures on them with moderate comfort.
3) Your general road work has been good now for quite a while. Be honest. It was pretty decent before you were even taken into the heavily trafficked areas.
4) Your instructor understands the stress that you are under and has been positively reinforcing your abilities during lessons.
5) You will have gained experience of driving on exactly the same traffic circumstances as you will be required to do with the examiner. It is not unusual for a pupil on test to recognise the roads that they are being taken down. Your instructor knows what situations you might meet and has thoroughly prepared you for them.