How should I approach practical driving test day?

There are a few tips for the day of the practical driving test which help you to cope physically. There is no point in making things harder for yourself than they have to be.

1) Make sure that you have had your full quota of rest. Even if sleep was not a possibility you should have been well rested the night before.
2) Do try and have light meals at your normal meal times on the day. Either a lack of food or a glut of it can create an upset stomach type of feeling that just makes things so much worse.

Psychologically the work is just as much common sense when you think about it.

1) Do not allow yourself to dwell on the test. Pre-occupy yourself with something else to take up your time until it is time to leave. Worrying never helped anyone. If you cannot help but think about the test try to mineralize these thoughts and comfort yourself with the knowledge that you have been professionally prepared and that unless your instructor was certain that you can walk away with a licence they would not have put you in for the test.
2) Put the telephone off the hook. Well wishers are not welcome at this time simply because they work against you in regards to the point above. Talking about the test makes you think about it and you will naturally worry more than necessary. That is simply part of the human condition I am afraid.