Pre-test Nerves

You will be nervous - this is perfectly normal. For some people the practical test can be a nightmare where nerves can affect them far more than normal.

Performance related stress is the name for the stress that pupils experience before and during a practical driving test. The result of the practical driving test is extremely important to you because in many personal, as well as financial ways you have invested a lot in learning to drive. Some pupils have the added pressure of a job offer depending upon the result.

There are things that you can do to help yourself through this time. Realising why you are feeling this way is a start. If you are reading this article before you have reached test standard then you are at an advantage because you have more time to come to terms with this.

You have the opportunity to understand the problem and make the most of the knowledge here to help you reduce or at least manage the problem. If on the other hand you have looked up this page because your test is imminent then rest assured, once you understand that the situation is manageable you will feel more in control.