On the day of the test

Think positively from the moment you wake up. Tell yourself that you are going to get through the day calmly.

Eat light meals at your normal mealtimes and ensure you get your regular fluid intake. Even if your test is early in the morning, it is important to have a good breakfast in order to boost your concentration levels. Try not to over eat, however, as this may make you uncomfortable or lethargic.

Wear clothes that make you feel as comfortable as possible.

Try not to think too much about the test until it is time to leave. Take the telephone off the hook and pre-occupy yourself with something else.

Don't take pills to calm your nerves. They are likely to slow your reactions and negatively affect your performance.

Do not drink any alcohol

Leave for the test centre in plenty of time, allowing for the possibility of heavy traffic etc. You need to be there at least 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment time or you risk the test being cancelled.